#shegotstyle: Bad Bitch Editorial - #TBT Styling

Back in February 2013, it seemed like songs about "bad bitches" were everywhere. In honor of the women that make men weak in the knees and kick ass on every level, our creative team decided to turn Teisha from NEXT, a young, gorgeous model into a true bad bitch. 

For the styling inspiration, I looked to strong females from the 90's and fashion trends from that era, that were starting to become trendy again at this time. Aaliyah, Naomi Campbell, Lil Kim and Trina began as my inspiration points when I pulled wardrobe from Toronto stores, showrooms and my own personal vintage collection. Amber Fairie of The Manor Salon styled Teisha's locks into six different looks, from straight and sleek to a mohawk and cornrows. Bronwen Weiderick went from a more natural, approachable make-up look to a full on glamazon and Asia V. kept the drinks going. The shoot was so much fun to do, as we were a group of creative women combining our forces to make something beautiful yet empowering together. Take a look and let me know what you think of our spin on the "bad bitch" title. It's fun to see how much my styling has evolved over the years, but also what style signatures still pop up in my work today.