Style Seeker: NBA and NYFW

Since David Stern instituted the NBA dress code for the 2005-2006 season, NBA players have adapted. Perhaps it was a case of the right rules at the right time, but players are embracing the fashion scene like never before. Most of the ill-fitting, "thug" apparel is exchanging for suits that cost most than the chains that were once popular. Players are learning to express themselves off the court using looks from the runway and many use stylists and personal shoppers. This year's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York (NYFW) brought out the fashionista set of the NBA including some sartorial surprises. Let's see who's showing an interest in fashion came dressed for the occasion.

Out of the new big three in Miami, who would have guessed that Chris Bosh would be the one making rounds at fashion week? Bosh and his fiancé, Adrienne Williams were fixtures at many events including the Lacoste and Cynthia Rowley runway shows and the Varvatos after party. Quite a few of my Twitter BFF's took note of Bosh's outfit at Lacoste. The whole thing is a little too well matched for my taste. If you're going to show off interesting socks, at least take more of a risk - give us a pop of unexpected colour. His outfit is fits into the Lacoste aesthetic, but he needs to stop trying so hard. Adrienne looks cute but that shade of burgundy is far too dark for her fair complexion and light hair.

Adrienne wasn't Bosh's only front row company this week, Ron Artest showed up sans psychiatrist to the Bebe catwalk. RonRon really dressed up for the occasion. He's wearing almost the same outfit as he sported to the MTV VMA's a few days before, including the same ShinShin tee (can't knock the hustle!) and faded jeans. He added a zip up (four stripes - faux adidas?) and a fitted cap for good measure. Bosh went subdued but trendy in layered v-neck and tee, raw denim and the now ubiquitous NBA black diamond bead bracelets. I can't hate on this look for Bosh, he looks much more relaxed than at the Lacoste show. Ron gets a pass purely for possessing the crazy card. Does he honestly have an interest in design? Perhaps he was just there to visit his friends the Kardashians, who design looks for Bebe. At least he looks more together than he did on Kimmel.

Ben Gordon and his girlfriend attended the Perry Ellis menswear show. Ben went for casual cool but dull with the classic dark jeans, dark jacket and button up shirt combo while his girl wore a great pair of flesh tone sandals to complete a graphic look. Hopefully some of her fashion sense will continue to rub off on Ben and he can try something a little more daring next time, as it sounds like they'll be back next season.

One of the most surprising appearances at fashion week was J.E. Skeets Andy Rautins and fellow New York Knicks rookie Landry Fields. Andy is known for having a keen interest in fashion, much like his dad, Leo. We can see the Gucci belt peeking out and his signature stud earring. Tweet of the week has to go to Field. While he doesn't have a lot of sartorial sense, he does have a great sense of humour. Shoutouts to Hanzel.

There were no LeBron, D-Wade or even Kobe sightings at fashion week this year. But my biggest disappointment was that the reigningNBA fashion plate, Jimmy Goldstein, was a no-show.

The NBA super fan instead chose to go to go to Turkey for the FIBA Championships. While I was crestfallen to not see his signature hat in the front row, I'm sure he will appear at the shows in Paris as most of his wardrobe and model company, come from overseas.

Best photo of the week has to go to Bosh and ZZ Top at the John Varvatos after party. If only Bosh kept his dreads long, he may have fit in better. We'll see if Bosh keeps up his interest in fashion this season while playing along Wade and James. It's funny how a change of scenery and a new contract can change your wardrobe, haircut and social circles. Although it's nice to see more players taking an interest in fashion, I long for the pre-game entrances of more fashionable NBA players like Zaza Pachulia and Steve Nash. Is it October 26th yet? Bring on the season, please!